Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does PUC have a purpose or utility?

a. YES. See our "Why Pledge Utility Coin" Section of our main page.

2. Will PUC be on centralized exchanges eventually?

a. YES. See our "Roadmap" Section of our main page.

3. What is the benefit of a Non Profit that decides to partner with us?

a. The Non Profit gets a portion of our founding PUC Tokens:
i. 200 trillion PUC Tokens to be exact and an additional channel for donations via the PUC holders directly. There are other benefits of being our non-profit partner but this is by far the biggest highlight of our partnership. Specifically each Non Profit can expect to receive between 300 to 750 Billion PUC Tokens by partnering with us.
ii. Other Benefits of partnering with us include
1. Visibility to potential new donors in the cryptocurrency space
2. A portion of transaction fees charged by us gets transferred to non profit wallets per PUC user transaction.

4. Is there any benefit in a Non Profit partnering early with us?

a. YES. The founding PUC Tokens that will be given to Non-profits, will be given in a tiered format, meaning that Non-profits who partner with us early will get a larger share of the 200 trillion PUC Tokens reserved for Non Profits.

5. If we (a Non Profit) want to partner with PUC, what does that entail?

a. Not much really. We will sign a marketing agreement and that is it. We only ask for permission to let PUC users know of our partnership.

6. Who do we reach out to, if we (a Non Profit) want to partner with PUC

a. Send an email to with the SUBJECT – NON PROFIT PARTNERSHIP WITH PUC, in the email body, include the contact details of who we need to reach out to in order for our partnership to be secured. If there are any other special requirements needed for your partnership, also include that in your email.

7. What makes this token a charity token?

a. A very large portion of the PUC's currency's maximum supply is earmarked for Non Profits (200 Trillion PUC Tokens, representing 20% of the Max supply of PUC).
b. Whenever a transaction happens with PUC, charities/non-profits receive up to 0.5% of the transaction amount as a donation. We are overall a low transaction fee currency.
c. There is the option to have all transaction fees relating to a PUC holder sent to a designated charity that is registered with us. The parallel to this with regular fiat would be a small portion (up to 0.5%) of any transaction you make (Cash/Credit Card/Debit Card/Gift Card) sent to your favorite charity every time you spend money regardless of what platform you make that transaction on.

8. Will we have a pre-sale?

a. Yes we plan one. Stay tuned by following our social media channels, especially our telegram group and channel. See our links at the top right of our main page b. For the dates of our pre-sale see the roadmap at